Mar 12, 2018

Counselling France

Dr. Roger Waldram, Doctor of Psychotherapy, and a Retired Psychotherapist hope you find the information & tools here useful. The Depression section refers to new research that may be surprising because it emphasises the importance of tools rather than tablets for Recovery. Sanctuary, Hope, Understanding and a Healthy Life-Enhancing Relationship are other key factors in recovery. Learning to put oneself first or "Selfing" can be wonder-full.

Professional, Confidential Counselling and Psychotherapy via Skype, Yahoo or Facetime. You do not have to be a technology geek. Please phone  (0033 6 42 39 74 86) for more details or a chat about how I may help.

Credit or Debit Card Payment Through Paypal Now Available.

We now live in France.

I will be ending Face to Face Work in Peterborough From 30 June 2014 Due to Our Move to France. However Skype or FaceTime Therapy Will Continue.

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My Doctoral Thesis and the Abstract can be found using 'Blog-link' in the Blog section.

The thesis can be found in the Research section and challenges the mythology of mental illness concerning chemical imbalance and biological abnormality. There is NO valid evidence for this mythology. This may be surprising-let us know what you think-again using the blog-link.

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