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My recently completed Doctoral Research was entitled "How Does the Phenomenology of Spirituality and Madness Compare and What Are the Implications for Psychotherapeutic Practice?". Copies are lodged at The British Library, Derby University and Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham.

Somewhat more accessible is "Psychosis and Spirituality-Consolidating the New Paradigm" Ed. Isabel Clarke (2010). I contributed the second part of Chapter 14 'Exploring the Transliminal: Qualitative Studies'.

This can be explored using Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature. The idea behind my research is that most of the time we are OK and able to enjoy and cope with life's 'ups and downs'. However, at times of loss or great stress we may inadvertently enter the transliminal world of anomalous experience. Plain English (at last you may say!): transliminal means across the threshold or doorstep into a strange world that is very different-not homolous (the same), but anomalous where we may say 'This is not me-can't sleep, can't concentrate-just can't do what I normally do-I think I'm going crazy!'

From my research, at these times we need Sanctuary, Understanding, Good Relationships and to learn to use 'tools' to be able to change our mood when we need to. Good informed psychotherapy can hopefully provide this as a healthy alternative or addition to medication.